If you’re a parent and you hate your job, you need to think about quitting for the sake of your children. Scientists have proven that parents who work with hostile coworkers change their parenting styles in a very negative way.

The Vicious Cycle

Parents who are treated poorly by coworkers have a tendency to go home and take out their frustrations on their children. The American Psychological Association recently conducted a study that proves that hostile work environments have an impact on parenting styles.

These parents rely on harsh punishments rather than teaching through discipline. They’re more prone to yelling and they don’t listen to their children. This leaves children with lifelong social setbacks and emotional problems. Children of these type of parents are more likely to grow up to be rebellious.

How To Break It

Most companies have policies that require coworkers to treat each other in a civil manner. If someone is uncivil towards you, talk to management or human resources. If that doesn’t improve the situation, you need to leave your job!

As drastic as that may seem, your child will only be a child once, and they need emotionally-sound parents to adequately prepare them for adulthood.

Exit Plan

Since many resumes are processed by computers before their viewed by people, get your resume updated by a professional resume writer. While you look for a new job, make a concerted effort to decompress before you come home. Practice self-care. Go get a massage. Do whatever you need to do to be the kind of parent your child needs.

Many parents stick with bad jobs because they need to feed their kids, but remaining in a terrible job may cause your children more long-term damage than a period of financial struggles.