Millennials (even the older ones, who are in their thirties now) do a lot of things differently than previous generations. While most people might think about cell phones and social media as the main differences, this includes banking, too! Here are a few things millennials should definitely consider when choosing which bank to use.

Cost (obviously)

When you’re already trying to pay for rent, groceries, and the ever-looming student loans, you don’t need additional banking costs adding to your financial troubles. Keep an eye out for what kind of fees you’ll be paying with your bank; from monthly maintenance fees for more traditional banks to withdrawal fees for certain online banking options, it’s important to know what you’ll end up paying for.

Mobile money management

Let’s face it, millennials use their cell phones a lot more than people in previous generations. This can be good for a lot of things, including keeping up on all your banking needs. Look for banks with good digital tools, like apps and online options, to help easily keep track of spending and other account information.

Savings options

Contrary to the fees you might incur by using certain banks (or even by having certain types of accounts), different types of savings and other accounts can also help you earn more interest. Depending on what your goals and savings methods are, different accounts will work better for you than others, so take your time to look for one that will be a good match.

Access IRL

Online banking has some great tools, but you’ll still need to go to a physical bank or ATM every once in a while, to make a deposit, make a withdrawal, or for other tasks that are just easier (or required) for you to do in person. So make sure you’ll have access to those things; if your online bank’s closest ATM is three hours away, suddenly it’s not so convenient anymore.

Do your research

Basically, choosing which bank to use is super important, and you shouldn’t rush into it. Choosing the wrong one could land you with expensive fees, account types that you don’t want, or difficulty accessing your own money. So take your time with it, and make sure to research all of your options to find the best one for you.